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A jumpy, flappy, zoomy odyssey!

You are Fleder, a mouse who was raised by bats. To make it through this batty world, it's going to take skill, courage, and a whole toolkit of gadgets and gizmos. Glide with your space-age bat wings, use your hyper-sonic bat screech to shatter objects, and send sparks flying with your electrified inline skates!

We want this game to feel great to play. We want newcomers to grasp it quickly and for experts to get rewarded for their skill. If you have any thoughts on how the controls feel, any suggestions, things you like or didn't like, please leave a comment. Thank you!

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This game is best played with a Microsoft(TM) Xbox(TM) Controller for Windows

Controls (Controller): 

A: Jump (hold mid-air to glide)
B: Screech
X: Flap
Y: Snap to rails
Left stick: Walk
Right stick: Camera nudge
Triggers: Skate/Sprint
LB: Hold to make a new checkpoint

Controls (keyboard)

Space: Jump (hold mid-air to glide)
WASD: Walk
E / Right Click: Flap
Q / Left Click: Screech
F:  Snap to rails
Left Shift: Skate/Sprint
C: Hold to make a new checkpoint


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Fleder Prepro for Windows 38 MB
Fleder Prepro for MacOS (warning: untested) 47 MB
Fleder Prepro for Linux (warning: untested) 47 MB

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